Encouragement, Trust

Nursing Time

My few weeks old baby stirs signalling that he is hungry, he opens his mouth & turns his head into a nursing position. He continues for few seconds, if I don’t respond (early cues).

For mid cues – he increases the pitch, starts to stretch, puts his hands in his mouth, turns his head from left to right and back to left and again.

If I have not responded, he starts late cues, he gets restless, the cries get a lot louder, kicks his feet, at this point I just can’t ignore. No matter the task I was doing, I drop it and attend to this child. I automatically respond.

My baby makes a demand I just can’t ignore. He demand for his right, “breast milk”. His expectation is to be nursed hence he takes that position. For reasons beyond me and as designed by the Creator, I respond to his demand.

Realise that my baby nurses till he is satisfied, he dictates when to stop, after all, the source of supply never runs dry.

“Nations will give you what you need. It will be like a child drinking milk from its mother. Then you will know that it is I, the Lord, who saves you. You will know that the Powerful One of Jacob protects you.” Isaiah‬ ‭60:16‬ ‭ICB‬

The experience with my baby brings the verse above home. Nations will respond to me when I make demands, if I am persistent and expectant (Prov 23:18), I will get all I need to my satisfaction.

Faith, Prayer

The Audacious Five

Anytime I read about the Zelophahad’s daughters, who I tagged the “audacious five”, I get excited in my spirit and I will tell you why.

After the Exodus of Israelites, God instructed Moses to divide the promised land among the families of Israel according to the number of names. These were identified by the male head of each family.

Zelophahad, one of the heads, had no son and he died before the land allocation. His family was not mentioned and therefore could not partake. However his daughters reasoned among themselves and were not going to accept a loss. They were Israelites and therefore deserved a piece of the land not withstanding their Father’s death. Hence they approached Moses and made a demand. Moses checked this with God, God approved it.

But they could have said, “indeed Moses operated strictly under God’s instruction and thus we ought not go challenge him about our share. Let us keep mute and try marry into the other tribes so we could partake “. I think this would have been very polite of them. But again, they would have lost out.

It reminds me of the Canaanite lady who approached Jesus for her daughter’s healing (Matt 15:21-28). Despite an initial rebuff from Jesus, she pressed further and it was said of her to have had such a great faith!  Finally, her request was granted. Same applies to the audacious five- they had faith their request would be granted afterall they were Israelites!

We, as believers, have an inheritance in God (Romans 8:17). We have the right to make a demand on this for our names are written on them. “What inheritance?” you may ask. I can write a couple but please go through the word of God.

1. Psalm 34:20 the Lord guards the bones of the righteous and none of them is broken

2. Psalm 127:2 he gives his beloved sleep

While making the demand, remember Mark 11:24 tells us that if we asked for anything in prayer we should believe we have received and it will be ours.