A good turn deserves another – not necessarily in kind

It is one of those moments when you see a particular verse of scripture in a whole new light!

Acts 9:36-43. A kind & generous lady called Tabitha/Dorcas died. Whilst on earth, she was the kind of neighbour you would describe using these words, “warm heart, always smiles, opens the door of her house, approachable, ready & willingly to help, chats you up if you meet her on the way to the shops, genuinely asks after your welfare etc etc”. Where I got all that from is verses 36 and 39.

Unfortunately she died. Some Christians around her sent for Peter to come around quickly to help pray for her. Peter stepped in, prayed for her and she came back to life.

My point of discussion is the underlined phrase. The fellow Christian sisters and brothers whom Tabitha had been a blessing to took it as an obligation to ask for spiritual help/miracle to bring her back to life. A good turn deserves another.

In our lives, there are people who have done good things, irrespective of the magnitude, for us. Few instances are when people come to our rescue at time we needed help; help with children pick up from/drop of at school, help with babysitting, offer of a ride to work, offer of financial gifts, sacrificial time to pray and fast, offer of a snack/cup of water, offer a listen ear/smiling face etc etc. I surely relate to the above.

There is an obligation on you to return the good favours by praying for them and if you have the capacity, accompany it with works. Sometimes, you might not know what their need is but it is still important that you pray for them.

Father, I come to you in Jesus Name, I present my brother/sister “name” to you, and I ask that you shine your face upon him/her, let lines fall for him/her in pleasant places and surround him/her with a shield of favour. Amen.