How do I describe myself?

I am a mother to my gorgeous (believe me she is!) daughter Deborah. She is just about 4 months old so you are guessing correctly, I am currently on maternity leave. But I will keep up writing even after the maternity leave ends. So that takes me to my career, I currently work as a business analyst with the National Health Service in England. My job is varied and I enjoy it. By the way, I am married to an ‘ever-looking young’ man, Bolaji.

How do I describe my site?

The bible is such an interesting book and I love to read it. The stories are inspiring and intriguing. When I read some of these stories, I ponder on the scenarios and ask the questions ‘what ifs’. E.g. “What if Eve had not eaten the apple?” Perhaps, you may say “that is a daring question to ask”? Or you may say “but she ate so get on with it!”  Well, we are all entitled to our individual opinions and it would not stop my curiosity. In those questions, I see the magnificence of God and I humbly bow (usually daily) at His feet and worship. Psalm 8

The write-ups, depending on the book and/or chapter and/or storyline, will evoke your thoughts, uplift you, kindle your prayer life, cause to you to worship His majesty, cause to align the Godly principles to your career etc etc….


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