Open my eyes..

I was drawn to reading through Gen 16 -21, the story of Hagar and Ishmael.

To give my lovely readers a background, Hagar was Sarai’s house help. Sarai was married to Abram. God promised Sarai & Abram a child; the child was not forthcoming as Sarai had expected. Sarai drew up this plan – to have Abram meet with Hagar to ensure there is continuity in the family line. As hoped, Hagar had a child, Ishmael. Events turned out that Sarai could not stand both son and mother anymore therefore she sent them away from the house. Abram gave them the essentials – water and bread, for the journey.

Ishmael was a teenager at this time. Without a clue to their destination, overwhelming exhaustion, deep frustration, lack of water and seeing no hope for the future especially for the teenager, Hagar pulled over somewhere. She placed Ishmael under a tree and walked as far away as possible to avoid seeing her dearly beloved son as he dies of hunger and thirst.

Being a mother myself, I strongly believe she would have done all she could to fend for her son, looking and possibly begging passers-by for food and or water; checking and scanning around for wells. Talk about exhausting all options?

Sitting and awaiting the death of her son, she cried out to God. It must have been a heartfelt prayer of few words, “God help us”.  There and then, her eyes were opened to see a near by well.

How come she did not see this  particular ‘near by’ well until after the prayer and surrendering to God?

Truly, there are such times in life we give up on issues after several “failed” attempts and hacing exhausted all options. Perhaps, if we could have prayed for our eyes to be opened and/or asked specifically for direction; we would have come through as winners.

Lovely reader, take a moment, to ask God to open your eyes to see, to inspire you in the specific steps to take in those challenging areas of life.


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