Fireworks Display

….Such a beautiful, colourful, bright, spectacular, sparkling yet loud and deafening display.

There were quite a few displays last month in the town where I live. From the comfort of my house, I could hear the noise and see the lights. Such a beauty to behold!

Whilst I admired the sight, my 2 year old daughter could not stand the deafening sound. She was scared! She clung up to me without letting go! I could see the fear and uncertainty in her eyes. She hid her face under my knitted jumper and was not going to move an inch.

Like most caring mothers will do, I cuddled and reassured her that it was a temporary noise etc. About an hour later, it stopped and my daughter went about her normal routine.

Still sitting down on the reclining sofa, my mind travelled to the children in war-torn zones. Theirs was not fireworks but real dangerous ammunition. Whilst I knew “my situation” was temporary, the mothers in Aleppo really could not tell how long the unrest will go on for. Whilst I was in the comfort and warmth of my home; those mothers hide under dilapidated buildings. How much reassurance could mums give their children? Would the concern of these mums be putting up Xmas trees or having a place to call home full of tranquility?

Hmmm. Father, please send your peace to these areas and have mercy on the souls in Jesus name. Amen.


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