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Why demarcate?

Demarcating a plot of land with tall strong walls and barb wires is rife in my native country – Nigeria. Some of the land lords will go an extra mile to put a big sign board on the wall which reads, “this land belongs to Mr XYZ. Trespassers beware”. Some will actually place sharp-edged broken bottles on the fences.

I had often wondered why this was commonplace, bearing in mind that the landlord legally bought the land and was issued a title-deed. Whilst that was the case,  bandits will try to take hold of the land especially when the land is unoccupied.

I recall my dad had a practice of visiting his lands at least twice a month when I was growing up –  checking that hoodlums had not broken through.

I find this practice essential in the spiritual too. Jesus Christ has purchased a good life for us by giving himself as a ransom, he has handed over the title-deed to us. However if I don’t put a stamp on this title-deed or enforce my ownership, the devouring lion will devour my possession.

A lady shared with me how she lost her two pregnancies during the first trimester. She said it started by having horrible dream where she bled and few days after it’s reality. She searched the scriptures and came across “who gave himself as a ransom for all 1 Tim 2:6”. If the price had been paid, if the blood had been shed and a life had been given as a ransom, then her pregnancy is fulfilled. She held on to and  confessed this scripture through out the 9 months despite the odd dreams. She delivered safely!

Have you aligned your life with  Christ’s and yet you are being tormented? Rise up dear reader! Check out what the scriptures say about your situations. Confess them- these are your barb wires.


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