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Beautiful in its time

I took to gardening very recently, two years ago actually; it has been a learning curve for me and very exciting. Two years ago, I had about 15 pots of plants on my patio containing: tomatoes, cucumber, courgettes, green beans. I took  advice from a seasoned gardener meaning I planted at the right time under right weather conditions, watered the seeds as directed, added fertiliser etc. It was very essential to plant at the right time.

I started planting way too early this year (February) because I was over zealous and excited. I was unmindful of the weather conditions. For example, peppers germinate in 10 days from 18 – 21 degree C. However, temperature was single figures in February. Here I was with my 10 trays filled with pepper and aubergine seeds waiting endlessly to see the leaves.  After second week of no leaves shooting up, I was worried. I watered and added more water even though the weather was very wet and cold. After the fourth week (March) of no leaves, I think I lost faith in the seeds. But I decided not to throw them away just yet and I kept watering occasionally. Then April came in, weather was warmer and hitting double figures,  I saw a tiny little stalk from some of the cups. Oh, how joyful I was! My labour had not being wasted after all. To me, it had taken the seeds 8 weeks to germinate and grow. But was that really the case?

The instruction from the garden Center  where the seeds were purchased was: “plant seeds when temperature is between 18 – 21 degree C, germination takes place  in 10 days”. Until the condition was met, my seeds did not germinate  – it was not their  time.

I feel some prayer requests are like my pepper and aubergine seeds. Until the conditions are right, we do not see a physical manifestation though you could have received a note of victory in your spirit provided your prayer seeds align with God’s will. Not seeing any manifestation should not stop us from praying, i.e. watering the seeds continuously. What we should never do is give up faith!

But you might question what are the conditions to your own prayer requests? God knows. You only need to ask him specifically.  Jer 33:3, “Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know”.

Back to my garden seeds – my pepper and aubergine seeds were made beautiful in their own time – not my mine. Bless God.


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