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Lot and Abram

My hubby and I had an interesting  discussion tonight. We studied Abram and Lot’s story, Genesis 13, at the point where they had to separate because they both had lots of flocks, herds and tents and the land could not contain them.

To let you know, Abram was Lot’s uncle. Lot lived with him post his parent’s death. I am sure Abram loved him as his son. When Abram was instructed by God to leave  his family and go to a land built by God, he took Lot with him.

Abram had “the blessing” on him and I am sure it rubbed off on Lot too- lots of flock, herds and tent etc.

In Gen 13, Lot’s herds men picked quarrels with Abram’s. Abram’s reaction was to call his young cousin and said, “Guy, we need to separate. We don’t need to quarrel, we are brothers. See the large expanse of land before us. Please choose the region you like and I will go the opposite direction”. Mr Lot became an instant surveyor; he choose the well watered land and left the seemingly dry ground for his uncle. His dearest uncle who was his foster-father. That is disrespectful, I think.

Analysing Lot based on my perspective and cultural influence:

Firstly, I think Lot should have cautioned and reprehended  his herdsmen. Basically he should have said, “have you forgotten where thou was hewed?  Stop all this nonsense and ‘respect yourselves'”.

Secondly, even if he was offered the blank cheque, he should have said, “Daddy, thank you. With huge respect, please choose first”.

Analysing Abram:

How could he had been so cool about it? I mean, Abram took care of Lot and you could almost say he owned whatever Lot owned. Yet Lot’s herdsmen had the effrontery to speak with his men. But see Daddy Abram’s good spirit, he said, “please don’t let us fight”.

Also when he suggested that Lot choose and he chose a better land, I (if I were Abram) would have reacted in a way that Lot would clearly see how displeased I was. Yet, it was not recorded that Abram yelled or narrated chronicles of Lot.

Abram’s disposition challenges me. Think about it – are you quick to recount how you loaned Miss X or Mr J on days when, for some reason, they don’t behave as expected? Or how you helped Mr M get a job and he did not appreciate you. Or how you fostered a child who seldoms get in touch with you anymore? Very painful experience, yes I can imagine.

This is why the Lord says, “whatever you do (deed or word), do as unto the Lord not for man” Col 3:17, 23


One thought on “Lot and Abram

  1. I have never considered this story from this perspective. ever. And to think, as much as I want the blessings of Abraham, I have never tried to be as selfless and serving as Abraham was to Lot.
    Thanks for this hard knock on the head.

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