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Woman at the well

While thinking deeply on the story of this woman at the well (John 4) who according to her testimony, had been married five times and the man she was putting up with at that moment was not her husband.

So I begin to wonder, were the man of old so adulterous that they picked and chose as they wished or was “coming together” based on convenience and good times such that when the tide turns, they let go. For my selfish reasons, all my fingers pointed to the six men (I presume the sixth one will send her packing too).

But hang on, there are two sides to a coin! When I was younger and still with my parents, I failed an examination.  My parents comforted me by saying, “It is okay. It is your first attempt and you were not familiar with the questions and time management”. I attempted the examination again the following year and failed. My parents said, “Oh well, your grades are better than last time, though not up to the pass mark, and we are aware the examination board raised its standards this year etc”. I attempted the third and failed. My parents said, “Surely you must be doing something wrong. There are individuals who passed in flying colours”!!! Between, I passed it eventually.

Back to the woman at the well. What was it about her that repulsed men? Was she critical of men by pulling them down? Was she constantly nagging?  Did she submit? Was she respectful? Was she helpful around the house? Was she lazy? Was she dirty? Did she contribute to home-making? Was she accommodating? Was she so sociable that she forgot her wifely duties? Was she prayerful? Did she demonstrate any of the Prov 31 woman’s qualities?

The above is one perspective. Some might argue that she kept re-marrying because her husbands died in famine or warfare. Some might say it was a curse that was put on her.


2 thoughts on “Woman at the well

  1. The text suggests she knew social status of right and wrong -why are u talking to me a samaritan and you a Jew?
    She cannt have been lazy- she’s going to fetch water in the hottest inconvenient time. Socialite?? No chance- she would have been doing her duties with the other woman and enjoying community and companionship at the well instead of alone. She’s not adulterous- she’d have been stoned. She’s not ungodly as she knows about blessing and cursing mountains and anticipating a Messiah. I’m leaning to lonely, low self esteem, mistreated, allowing a string of men to treat her badly as she didnt expect anything better. She was an outcast in the outcast community, so very broken. Wonderful Jesus reveals Himself to her!


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