Journey, Repentance

Weaning off 

Weaning takes time, this is my conclusion from personal experience. I have been on the journey of weaning my gorgeous daughter off breastmilk for about a month. By the way, she is 14 months old – I deserve a clap for sticking to it, don’t I? I know I do – my opinion counts.

The health visitor advised me to start by skipping a milk feed per week while substituting this for a snack or simply distracting her. Then I could gradually skip more milk feeds per time until my daughter has adjusted. Of Course, it has not gone that smoothly however it is working perfectly well.

The night feeds have been particularly challenging. My daughter still desires it “like a new born babe”! However I devised a strategy; I detached myself from her vicinity; she does not see me nor smell me so I believe she concludes that I am not available. Therefore, she goes back to sleep.

The interesting thing for me during this journey is the way “mother nature” worked. The breast ducts are pretty full of milk and heavy at her usual times of feed e.g. 4 times a day, expecting to be emptied. After consistently skipping feeds, the breast ducts adjust themselves to accommodate the reduction of feeds. And gradually, milk production dries off. As I mentioned, it is not a day’s journey.

The Holy Spirit likened this to backsliding/decline in anointing. One does not stop hearing from God overnight. It is a gradual process. It starts by allowing distractions at various times, substituting prayer times for completing mundane tasks, detaching oneself from fellowshipping with the brethren, ignoring the promptings of the Holy Spirit etc. And before you realise it, one month is gone without having acknowledged God in any shape or form! Just like the unprompted milk production, the Holy Spirit awaits our fellowship with him but remember the Spirit will not always strive with man. However, He is faithful and just to forgive us if we humble ourselves before Him, confessing our sins, making corrective action plan and asking for grace to walk in Him.


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