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Joshua’s focus

Joshua was an “ordinary” boy. He had a humble beginning. Not much was said about his father, ‘Nun’, probably because he lived his life under the Israelites captivity and died while on the journey to the promised land. In a nutshell, there was really nothing tangible to associate with his father. But there was something about Joshua. Remember the report he gave after spying the land? I paraphrase, “though there are Giants there, we are more than able to conquer them for He who is with, for and by us is greater!

Let us go back in history. During Moses’s era, there was the Tent of the Lord’s presence that anyone who wanted to consult the Lord would go into. Moses would go into this tent to converse with the Lord face-to-face and once the conversation has ended, he would leave the tent. However, Joshua, a young guy and Moses’ protege, never left the tent. He practically lived in it; he had his bed, toilet, laundry, kitchen etc there. Why? Because Joshua was zealous and therefore requested for permission to live in the tent; or he felt more at home in the Lord’s presence; or Moses mandated him to stay and he obeyed instructions given that he was a “boy” under authority.

Joshua stood firmly by Moses. There was no negative report written about him during the time of Moses neither was there any written afterwards. The Israelites loved him.

Through his dedication, loyalty, obedience and fervency he rose up to limelight. That strikes me like a blow because I doubt if he, at any point, nursed the ambition to be a leader of the Israelites or do you think he did? I think if he did, we might have caught a glimpse of it during the conspiracy act cooked up by Miriam and Aaron. Joshua simply had a love for God and godly things. He wanted to live in obedience to Him and do His will. His whole life was dedicated to Him. He was open to His leading and promptings. This is what I define as putting the horse before the cart. How often do we as human beings chase after secondary issues? We sometimes shift focus from the crux of the matter, which is, “But first be concerned about God’s kingdom and his righteousness, and all of these things (e.g. Church secretary, women’s leader, youth pastor, soloist, choir lead, prayer coordinator, Sunday school teacher, secular jobs etc) will be provided for you as well.

So the question, “is what is your focus”?


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