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Why am I delayed?

Talking about relationships…..this is an important area every individual should handle meticulously. My reasons are below:

Miriam, the choir lead, during the time of Moses spoke negatively about Moses as a result God struck her with leprosy. According to the rules in operation then, she was asked to move out of the camp for seven days to be cleansed and healed before rejoining the Israelites. The Israelites ‘waited’ for her return before they could move forward. (Number 12:15-16). It seems to me that Miriam delayed their journey.

Jonah was sent, by God, to Nineveh to deliver a sermon on repentance but he thought the journey was unnecessary. Therefore, he decided to go the opposite direction, Tarshish, and had to board a ship. Soon as the voyage started, there was a bad storm. Let’s picture this. The ship swayed ‘back and forth, left and right’ during this storm: time-wasting The guys on the ship casted lots which fell on Jonah. They were not so keen on throwing him in to the sea so they tried rowing ashore but it was unproductive. (Jonah 1) The bible did not indicate the time duration of this event however it is obvious that Jonah delayed those innocent guys.

Achan was a culprit during the era of Joshua. Joshua was a great man who carried out the laws of God and walked in the steps of Moses. He had successfully led the Israelites in a war with Jericho and the next in line to tackle was Ai. Ai was small compared to Jericho. Joshua’s army had the confidence to defeat it however they met with their Waterloo –  much too their surprise. Joshua enquired from God, he was instructed to carry out a “consecration & elimination ceremony”. During the ceremony, it was discovered that Achan had an abominable item with him. Achan’s act of disobedience caused the defeat at Ai. Once they had eliminated Achan, the army went back to fight Ai and they won. (Joshua 5 – 7) Hang on, that is what I call rework (using lean six sigma language).

Each scenario shows how individuals in one’s party could cause delay in a journey; journey in career, business, marriage, ministry. Could Moses, Joshua or the captain of the ship have had a premonition? Would they have acted differently? Be that as it may, if we are led by the Spirit, we are able to know such things and can take steps not to fall as victims. The time you spend in seeking to know will save you of rework, waiting and unnecessary over-processing.


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