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Many reasons to not pursue…

Indeed, it is easier to give up than to doggedly pursue a dream/mission/goal. Such an individual will give excuses (valid and invalid) to justify the decision to give up. An inverse example, Joseph, comes to my mind.

Joseph had two consecutive dreams at a young age. His dreams undoubtedly revealed that he was to be leader. I am inclined to think that he woke up every morning and said, “Boy, you are going to be a leader someday!”, “You will be a force to reckon with!”. However the ordeal he passed through in the second phase of his life bore no semblance to his dream. 1. He was sold into slavery by his own brothers; this contradicted his dreams. 2. He was in the house of the Captain of the guards of Pharaoh. He was hard-working and diligent and thus entrusted with all in the house. Though the position was honourable yet he was a slave. 3. Then he was wrongly accused and imprisoned.

It is not unlikely that Joseph would have appraised his life and compared it against the dreams he had. He could have made such remarks like, “If the first ordeal had been a mistake of some sort, surely the second one was not! It surely means the dreams were not from God! I could not have dreamt that my family members will bow down to me and now be separated from them – how and when and where will the bowing down happen? I am not a leader and will never be! Where did I get that notion from in the first instance! What have I done to deserve these treatments! Life is not fair!”

Then came a glimpse of breakthrough and Joseph was determined to make use of it. Whilst in prison, he interpreted the dreams of the Kings’ cupbearer and baker. He asked for a favour in return. In eager expectation, he would have shaved, cleaned and dressed up for an imminent release from prison. He would have said, “Enough is enough. Now I will live the life I am meant to live –  a dreamer, a leader”.  Unfortunately the favour was delayed and he remained a head prisoner for another couple of years.

Oh, how devastating this would have been! He could have said, “this is the confirmation that those dreams were hallucinations”, “come to think of it, the initial dreams I had brought me slavery, perhaps I should stop dreaming and/or just not give cognizance to them”, ”there is no point pursuing this anymore, I give up!” .

Out of the blues, the King had a dream and Joseph was called to interpret. His interpretation was logical to the King. Joseph was made second in command to the King. People from the North, South, East and West revered him. He was now a leader just as he had dreamed it.

The time-span between when he had the initial dreams and this final fulfillment was about thirteen years. It was long enough for him to give up and stop dreaming. It was tiring enough for him to decide not to be a diligent and hardworking slave and prisoner. It was tiring enough for him to decide not to socialise in the prison but to keep to himself and retire into his misfortune. It was good reason to be convinced that giving up was not an option but the solution.

Joseph had many reasons to discountenance the dream but had one strong reason to continue believing, ‘if God had given me the dream and its interpretation, He will surely bring about the manifestation‘.


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