I am drawing up a list of things to pack for my next holiday and I am really excited, the holiday is in one and half months’ time though. I like to think I am very organised and not a “last minute person”. I have been making contact with friends who I will visit and how long to stay with each one of them. I am also checking out where to visit etc. You may wonder how long my holiday is for, it is for two and half months! All I can think of is holiday!!!

But then I paused for a minute and asked myself did Paul or Philip or Stephen or Elijah or Elisah go on holiday? I assume not although not all the scrolls were canonised but I doubt very much if there was ever a time these ones took holiday to rest. Then there comes this feeling of guilt. Paul, as an example, travelled about a lot for the sake of the gospel. The apostles and disciples all went to cities and towns solely for the sake of gospel. They had an urgency about reaching the world. There was fervency in their spirits regarding the work of God.

So I ask myself, should not a holiday be influenced by the work of God?


3 thoughts on “Holiday…

  1. You are right. I have recently been reading the Book of Acts and it keeps shocking me to see how these guys lived, from town to town, never having roots or bank accounts or personal homes, they had no job except this work of the kingdom. And when I compare my life with theirs, i genuinely feel inadequate, I mean I am chasing the same heaven they chased too right?
    I guess the bottom-line is, whether we go on holidays or not, our lives should be a constant sermon. Living our lives daily with the motto ‘What would Jesus do?’ and trusting that God will take care of us when we sacrifice our fun-filled lives for Him.


  2. samson says:

    As the disciples were going/moving from town to town, city to city, nation to nation i believe you can do the same thing during your holiday. Please take me with you. God bless.


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