You choose to either stay (and lie down) where you have fallen or get up and move on.

I am singing Donnie McClurkin’s ~We fall down but we get up. We fall down but we get up. We fall down but we get up. For a sinner is just a saint who fell down and but couldn’t stay there and got up~ . It is a lovely song..

For a minute, Rahab’s story flashed through my mind. Need I introduce Rahab? She was a known prostitute in Jericho; she lived an inferior life and probably lived at the entrance of the city as an indication. At that time Joshua led the Israelites and he was to take them on a journey to the promised land – Canaan. They were to cross the Jordan river, defeat the formidable Jericho, Ai and other surrounding towns. Joshua employed a strategic tactic; he sent spies to Jericho to garner vital information to be used in the battle. On entering the city, they stopped at Rahab’s place. A place you could enter and discuss without necessarily being interrogated. After all, all the men there were on the same agenda. The King of Jericho was privy to the spies arrival and he sent an order to Rahab to expose them. Rahab refused, instead she hid the men in the roof of her house and told the King that they had left.

Going forward, Rahab struck a deal with the spies. She told them how she had heard of the great wonders God had performed through them and how mighty they were. She believed they would attack Jericho and conquer it. Then she requested that her life and her family members be saved. Rahab was strategic in her actions towards salvation. On the flip side, she could have exposed the spies to gain some reputation with the King. ‘Oh great Rahab who saved Jericho from the Israeli spies!

Rahab had a choice to make; to run to God for salvation or perish in the city.  She did not allow her despicable profession to debar her from stepping out into the embrace of God’s love. She did not engage in pity-party, ‘I am a prostitute, what good can come out of me even if my life is spared? Let me die, my dying is not better off than living’ . 

In relation to Donnie’s songs, Rahab was already fallen but she got up.  Subsequently she lived a remarkable life; she was mentioned in the lineage of Christ.

Reference: Joshua 2, Matthew 1


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