What if Moses had not been hidden?

Motherly instinct is powerful! Every woman  has that power but how often is it harnessed?

Moses was one of judges in Israel and he was also called Moses, the deliverer. He did great exploits. To give a background, Joseph, an Israelite, was then the Prime Minister in Egypt and he gained favour in the sight of King Pharaoh. Joseph requested that his family (Jacob, 11 sons and the servants) migrate to Goshen. During the lifetime of Joseph, the family multiplied and filled the land. After the death of Joseph and his siblings, another Pharoah took over who knew not Joseph and he meted out hard labour and various punishment for the Israelites. Around this time, the Egyptian astrologers foretold the birth of the liberator of the children of Israel. Since they did not know whether he would be of Jewish or Egyptian descent, all male children born that day, were to be thrown into the water by order of Pharaoh.

On a fateful day, a Levite woman gave birth to a boy. She saw that she was goodly to look upon and therefore hid him in a basket and put him in the river. I guess she hoped that someone will see the baby, have mercy and preserve his life. The boy was saved by Pharoah’s daughter, she named him Moses and he grew up in the Pharaoh’s house. Moses, moved from Egypt to Midian (running away from an incident) and dwelt there for about 40 years. God instructed Moses at 80 to go back to Israel and deliver his people from Pharoah; he was given power and authority . He was given specific lines of communication to Pharoah. Pharoah refused to let the Israelites leave the land and God did many awesome miracles through Moses ( shepherd’s rod becoming a serpent, water turning into blood,  locust disaster, frogs disaster, gross darkness over the land, death of the firstborn et al). Eventually, Pharoah allowed the Israelites to leave with Moses as the lead. The Isrealites went into the land promised them by God through Abraham.

Had his mother not hidden him, God, in His sovereignty, might have raised up another deliverer for Israel? There could have been a possibility that Moses’s birth could have been announced by the angels, like Samson’s, but this was not so. Yet his mother hid him because she knew there was something about her baby boy; her instincts kicked in and she utilised it.

Hey mother, you are wonderfully and beautifully created! You have these instincts in you and much more the Holy Spirit (revealer of secrets). What gifts have you noticed about your baby girl and/or baby boy? How are you cultivating them for the Master’s use?

Reference: Genesis, Exodus


5 thoughts on “What if Moses had not been hidden?

  1. What’s very reassuring for me is that my sons don’t have to have any incredible talents for God to use them. Moses doubted his leadership ability, David committed murder, and Paul persecuted Christians, yet all were used by God for his glory despite themselves. My prayer is that my boys are open to God’s leading. Thanks for the post.


    • Thanks for the comment. We all are working towards perfection (a process I believe those mentioned above worked through and succeeded).
      As mothers, we pray that our children make choices aligned to God’s will & purpose for them. Thanks again.


  2. Folasade says:

    And God caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam and took rib out of him and formed a woman! That is the institution God gave woman to distinguish her from the man and help the family especially the children in their care! Though long before Joseph was even born God has showed Abraham the suffering of his children in Egypt and also made plans for their deliverance , he is the Alpha and Omega , Moses mother was a vessel unto honor for The fulfillment of God’s plan!
    I pray we as mothers(😀) will be ready to listen to that inner quiet voice of the Holy Spirit to be vessel unto honor concerning our family


  3. yemisi says:

    I believe in motherly instinct. It comes on so strongly, it is unbelievable. I pray that we will always tune our inner mind to this instinct.


  4. samson says:

    Question for folasade. Remember God said the Israelite will spent 400 years in a foreign land as a slave but after 400 years nothing happen, they ended up spending 430 years that was when they started crying to God and he moved by sending Moses to Pharaoh. Gen 15;13, Exo 12;41. What would have happened if the Israelite kept quite? Do you think they will be delivered. God bless


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