Praying Women

Could Naomi’s prayers have saved her two sons from dying?

So here I am reading through the wonderful book of Ruth in the bible and I kept pondering, could Naomi’s prayer have made a difference? Could she have fasted to avert the impending death of her sons after the husband’s death? Was Naomi complacent as a christian and perhaps did not play the role of a mother? Could she have harnessed the power of prayers?

To give a background to this, the bible records that there was famine in the land of Canaan. Elimelek (Ruth’s husband) took his family and migrated to Moab. (Moab is a pagan country). At some point Elimelek died, it was not recorded what the cause of death was. Neither was the time span specified between when he died and the relocation to Moab. His sons got married to Moabite women and a decade after, these sons died. The cause of death was not specifically stated neither was the time span in between. Some commentaries hold that these sons were sickly while some postulate that it was a curse placed on them due to the marriage to the pagan country.

Be that as it may, there are occasions in the bible when some women had successfully risen up to the challenge of standing in gap for their tribe or family members. E.g. Esther rose up for her kinsmen (Esther). Zipporah quickly and practically circumcised (delayed obedience) her son when the angel of the Lord stroke Moses with intention to kill him (Exodus 3).

The questions above remained to be answered..kindly drop your comments.


2 thoughts on “Could Naomi’s prayers have saved her two sons from dying?

  1. Folasade says:

    Hmmmm, I believe God already have plans for Ruth like Rahab in the linage of Christ !! He wants to show the jews that he is the Lord God of the whole creation but choose the Jews as the channel of bringing us all to reconciliation with him!!


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