Should a parent map out the ambition of her/his child?

I love my parents, they brought us (family of four) up to be industrious, academic, hard-working, frugal, prayerful to mention a few. Great virtues were instilled in us via ‘teaching by doing’, ‘teaching by saying’ and ‘teaching by the rod’. I respect them so much and will always celebrate them. They are successful, in fact very successful, in their careers. They affected lives positively.

I grew up in an era where the future career was ‘sort of pre-determined’, you are either a medical doctor or an engineer. In my case, I was being mentored to become a medical doctor which was fine by me, only if I had gotten the right scores needed to be in that path. I invested time in pursuing this path and tried the required exams a couple of times but I was just few marks short. Between, I am a brilliant lady.  I studied Computer Science at Undergraduate, Informatics at Masters and I have written several professional exams in Business Analysis, IT service management, Project. I love what I do now and I am successful at it.

What if? What if Judges 13:12 had been applied by my parents? Judges 13:12 “And Manoah said, Now when your words come true, how shall we manage the child, and what is he to do?” This is Manoah, Samson’s father, asking the angel of the Lord the ‘how’, ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘where’ and ‘why’  of training Samson up.

How often do you, as a parent, ask God for His plans for the children He has put in your care? Are you quick to map out their ambition without consulting God? What if you sought God to know the purpose of each of your children and then help them to achieve it? Or do you think that is going overboard?

Kindly drop your comments.



3 thoughts on “Should a parent map out the ambition of her/his child?

  1. samson says:

    One thing parents have to understand is God’s way is not our way neither his thoughts. Isaiah 55;8-9. I can also argue that parent can map out the ambition of her/his child thru the inspiration/direction of the holy-spirit.


  2. opeyemi says:

    Parents can guide their children in choosing a career path but its not too good to impose our decision on them. May God help us.


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